How To Style a Blazer in 2021!

From the oversized blazer to the cropped blazer I have you covered on how to style a blazer going into 2021!

Tuxedo Dress

Worn as a dress, the tuxedo dress is essentially a blazer that is long enough to be a dress. Layer it with a turtle neck or a hoodie for added volume on top.

Blazer with Vintage Tee

The vintage world is blowing up! You can find some awesome vintage pieces at many second hand stores online. If the tee is loud and colorful opt for a solid colored blazer, if the blazer is the focal point then pair it with a solid color underneath to tone it down.

Blazer Tucked into Skirt

Tuck a fitted blazer into a skirt that sits at the natural waist. To balance the volume of the look, choose a tiered skirt with tulle and layers.

Blazer with Bra

If you are fortunate enough to have year-round warm weather then you can easily pull off a blazer with a bra under. Runways have seen a lot of monochromatic looks with pants, blazer and bra all in 1 color but if that's not your style then toss it over any bra for a Hailey Bieber inspired street look.

View my blazer inspired style board here!

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