Fashion Trends for the Holidays

With holidays and celebrations right around the corner, there is a lot to look forward to! Minding your social distance and managing your cohorts can still be done in style whether it’s in person or online. Here are the top 5 trends to scoop this holiday season!


‘Tis the season, AND one of the hottest colors right now! From biscay green earlier this year, we have seen a dramatic shift to a warmed up olive green growing in popularity. Plus with the holidays coming up fast we are starting to see beautiful shades of emerald with a satin finish.


Let’s look forward to some year end celebrations with sequins all over the place! Since you didn’t have too many chances to get out and party this year let’s finish strong with some sparkle!


If you are anywhere cold and snowy… us Canadians. You are probably pulling out your knit sweaters for the season. Pair your knits with a silk skirt! Turtle necks and chunky wool sweaters tucked into your silk skirts are an easy look for the season. Check your local departments stores like Simons or Hudson's Bay!

Metallics Another nod to the upcoming season, silver and gold reigns hard this time of year. Beautiful victorian necklines and french puffed sleeves in gold and silver easily elevate your look for more formal events.


Not just the hallmark of Canadian fashion, tartan is making waves all over the world and it’s been steady for the year!

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