7 Brands Rockin' it in Sustainability!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021


Best For: womenswear/loungewear

Size Range: XS-XL

Rare stance is a brand in the fashion community focused on recycling and reusing vintage pieces to create new and stylish fashion. Their mission is to educate and impact the fashion community to influence sustainable fashion shopping habits across the world.


Best For: Women’s Casual Wear

Size Range: XXS-3X

Reformation is a clothing shop dedicated to creating eco-friendly on trend pieces that will last beyond the trend. This Californian based brand created products only from sustainable and recyclable materials in a fair wage environment. Plus, each item on the Reformation website shows the environmental footprint of the product.


Best For: Womens Apparel

Size Range: XS-XL

Vetta is a sustainable brand focused on creating garments using recycled and deadstock materials. The mission of this brand is to help their clients create a thoughtful and innovative wardrobe. Their shopping techniques help consumers either pick a long lasting 5 piece capsule collection or shop pieces individually to build a custom and timeless wardrobe.


Best For: Feminist brand supporting women

Size Range: XXS-XXL

Able is a fashion brand that believes that the way to end poverty is to create economic opportunities for people, especially women to have the ability to provide for themselves. The products from Able provide beautiful garments and accessories from all over the world by fairly paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances.


Best For: Activewear

Size Range: XXS-6X

With nearly all their products made from recycled materials, Girlfriend Collective is a fashion brand focused on making activewear more accessible for women with their wide size range. With chic designs and diverse imagery, Girlfriend Collective is a brand with major inclusivity.


Best for: UK Organic Clothing

Size Range: XS-XL

Thought Clothing is a London based clothing brand with a mission of creating timeless pieces with also having mindfulness for the environment. This company has developed long lasting relationships with suppliers and factories, and works to ensure every team member involved is treated respectfully with fair wages.


Best for: Petite Womenswear

Size Range: XXS-L

Petite Studio is a NYC based passionate slow fashion brand. Focused on creating capsule wardrobe items with small batch collections. This brand is passionate about fair wages and fair employee treatment. All employees work 40 hours per week with benefits and vacation time and are even able to take a 30 minute nap per day.

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