18 Incredible Indigenous and Native American Designers to Support Now!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


Southern California, US

Founder of J Okuma, Jamie has been well known for her one of a kind pieces that are hand created exclusively by her. Graduating from graphic design classes at Palomar College- from the early age of only 18 has been a professional artist completely entranced and devoted to her work. Jamie has a passion for fashion and infuses it with her rich indigenous roots creating something really special for all to admire.


New Mexico, US

Founded in 2015, 4 Kinship is owned and operated by the talented Navajo designer Amy Denet Deal. 4 Kinship is made up of a community of talented individuals working together to create traditional timeless pieces with inspiration from vintage textiles. This brand values sustainability as well as being a staple in the community of the Dinetah. 4 Kinship is currently leading fundraising efforts for the Dine Skate Garden Project to support the two grey hills Navajo community to provide transformative space for the youth in the remote area.


Patuanak, Saskatchewan

With a self-titled brand, Catherine Blackburn is an established artist and jeweler having many of her work exhibited in national displays such as the national gallery of Canada and art encounters on the edge. Catherine's work depicts mixed media and fashion to create dialogue between historical art forms and new interpretations of them. Offering a wide variety of traditional jewelry with a modern twist- Catherine Blackburn is a staple in the art and fashion community.

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East Vancouver, British Columbia

Scarlett J Designs is an indigenous company created out of passion. Founded after receiving praise for creating a gown for her daughter. Scarlett J Designs has shifted to more essential- masks. All masks being hand cut and sewn by Scarlett and being made from 100% cotton to prioritize comfort and breathability.


St. Catherines, Ontario

Indigenous owned and founded in 2016, cheekbone beauty is known for creating high quality and cruelty free makeup products. Founder Jenn, keeping in line with her Anishinaabe roots, created less waste lipsticks in 2020 with a goal to be completely zero waste by 2023. To date cheekbone beauty has generously donated over 150, 000 to various causes such as the Navajo Water Project and One Tree Planted.


Treaty 8 Territory

Indigenous owned by Meghan Weeks, MDW jewelry reflects the teachings and matriarchs in her family and childhood memories. MDW Jewelry also reflects Meghan's journey to stop the cycle of intergenerational trauma. Offering various types of jewelry from traditional to modern pieces MDW Jewelry offers something for everyone from earrings to beautiful necklaces.


Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Born and raised in Yukon, Heather Dickenson founded and created Dickinson Designs after graduating the Fashion Design Program at the International Arts Institute in Vancouver. Inspired by the rich indigenous culture and traditional sewing techniques. Dickenson Designs is a wonderful balance between artisan and traditional indigenous techniques to create various pieces from garments to accessories.


North Dakota, MHA Nation

Founder of self titled brand ‘Lauren Good Day’, Lauren is an award winning Blackfeet and Plains Cree artist. Always having a passion for promoting the arts of her people, Lauren Good Day is always looking to develop new ideas and techniques to create her vision. Designing and creating beautiful and colourful garments from tulle skirts to flowy scarfs- Lauren Good Day is a talent like no other.


Toronto, Ontario

Lesley Hampton is a female owned indigenous and size inclusive brand based in Toronto, Ontario. Self titled and founded in 2016 is well known for executing high quality fashion from occasionwear all the way to athleisure and loungewear. With a strong foundation in the industry, Lesley aims to eradicate euro-centric standards in the fashion industry and inspire future designers of the next decade.


Edmonton, Alberta

LUXX is a ready to wear fashion brand operating out of Edmonton, Alberta. This fashion brand is owned and run by creator Derek Jagodzinsky. Being indigenous, Derek takes inspiration heavily from his heritage from which largely derives his values. With a masters in industrial design and a bachelors in graphic design- Derek is on a mission to redefine perceptions on indigenous culture in a positive way. With everything from LUXX made to order in Edmonton to maintain the highest quality into every piece.


Ontario, Canada

With a self-titled brand, Angela DeMontigny is a well established indigenous designer in North America. The original collections showcased Angela's heritage (cree/metis) made with beautiful leather and suede with finished with unique metallic and fringe. Some of Angela's wardrobe credits would include Fashion Television and CTV Canada's AM. Angela has been a trailblazer for Aboriginal fashion for two decades and she is not slowing down.


Location: Vancouver, BC

With a self-titled brand, Evan Ducharme creates garments separated by outerwear and evening wear for that client that lives authenticity in their daily life. Evan continues to explore his indigenous identity (Metis, Cree, Ojibwe, and Salteaux) and its cultural iconography with particular focuses on contemporary indigeneity, reclamation of indigenous sexualities, as well as environmentally conscious practice. Evan is also currently involved as a co-host on the Fashion Hags Podcast.


Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Jess Sanderson Berry is a mother, Cree artist, designer and a very talented hyde tanner from Chakastaypasin Band, Treaty 6 Territory. JShine Designs is a 100% Indigenous owned brand focused on creating authentic handmade jewelry and accessories. Making each individual piece by hand, JShine designs leaves no stone unturned as they even tan their own hydes to give an authentic experience. Don't miss her drops!


United States

B.Yellowtail is a native american owned fashion brand and retailer committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. With community & culture at the heart of what we do, we've set out to share authentic indigenous design & beauty with the world, while prioritizing economic opportunities for our people.


Nova Scotia, Canada

Co founders of Indi City, Angel and Alex are a 2S BIPOC couple. Together the design and create fashion accessories according to indigenization of Turtle Island in contact with their ancestral roots. Growing from a small business on instagram Indi City has launched their own online shop as well as being displayed and sold in boutiques across the country. With an in-house multi-media productions company Indi City works to curate a 100% Indigenous made brand through visual marketing and breathtaking story-telling.


Fort Worth, Texas

Jewelry handmade in Texas by Native American artist, Shannon Lowery.


Wetaskawin, Alberta

Mobilize is an indigenous streetwear brand focused on storytelling and Indigenous pride. Created to represent not only Indigenous culture but also to showcase empowerment, education, and to elevate to help others find their identity. Mobilize is passionate about the fact that an individual's style is a visual extension of who they are.


Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Workhall is an indigenous womenswear brand focused on sustainability and being eco conscious. Offering an array of plant based and recycled materials to make the world a better place. Having an array of garment types and styles from tops to jumpsuits Workhall really does have something for anybody. This brand also offers services such as tailoring giving garments the opportunity to last longer in one's closet and extend the wear life.


Edmonton, Alberta

Western varieties has been in business for over 50 years providing stores, campgrounds, mining camps and many other types of businesses with everything from toys to houseware. Carrying also an impressive amount of traditional Indigenous giftware, fashion, as well as an array of fabrics. During the last few years Western Varieties has been the leading and largest supplier of Pendleton products.

To understand more and learn about indigenous land and acknowledgement please visit native-land.ca

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